Our facilities in The Netherlands, are centrally located near European Mainports such as Rotterdam and Antwerp. We are also close to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and major cities such as Dusseldorf, Antwerp and Paris.

From here,  we coordinate all  truck, sea and air transports and deliveries to various European and overseas destinations.

Our North-American sales offices and warehouse facilities  are located in Richmond Virginia and offer equal services to both the United States and Canada.

For all our transports, we work closely together with one of the best  transporting and forwarding companies.. With 55 trucks and daily services to the main European destinations, equipped with GPS systems, we are in the position to be flexible, efficient and competitive when it comes to transports.



  • Centrally located
  • Close to European main ports and cities
  • Well coordinated logistical services
  • Daily services to all European destinations
  • Sales Office and warehousing and distribution in North America