MEDIANE Flexible Packaging Solutions
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MEDIANE Flexible Packaging Solutions
We are working on upgrading our website.


For the Agricultural market, Mediane supplies its conical sleeves as well as rectangular bags.

Large conical bags being used for a.o. Lettuce, but also Pepper, Leek, Paksoi and similar produce. Rectangular bags are being used for a large variety of fresh Agri products. Small conical (pointed) bags, f.i. for carrots and radish are also within our range of products.

Flexibility in supply and quick reactions when it comes to changes in the product presentation due to f.i. promotional activities from retailers are key.

This is why we focus, amongst others, on quick service when it comes to smoothening the Pre-Press process which means that text changes are done within 1 working day and a PDF for a brand new design within 3 working days.

Irrespectively of the peak periods which simply belong to this market segment, we will always focus on swift deliveries for both new designs and repeat orders.

This combined with our ability to produce small printing runs and delivery according to agreed delivery call-off schedules, makes us a reliable and flexible partner.



Over the last years the cultivation of root-ball lettuce has increased both in Europe and the USA.

The advantages of the root-ball still being attached is that this provides longer freshness and more and crispier leaves.



Mediane supplies different type of bags for the packing of carrots.

These can be rectangular bags for bulk packed carrots, but also large conical shaped bags for the packing of carrots with leaf.


Pepper and Leek

We offer a variety of shapes and raw material types. From thin 20 my LDPE sleeves to PLA packaging sleeves, all printed up to 8 colors.