MEDIANE Flexible Packaging Solutions
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MEDIANE Flexible Packaging Solutions
We are working on upgrading our website.


We live in a throw-away culture, and environmental issues have clearly become more of a concern with both producers and consumers. Therefore, the trend for green living, and environmentally sustainable solutions to everyday problems have become important.

This was MEDIANE’s motivation to start the production of sustainable PLA BIO-SLEEVES, for which we hold the highest qualifications such as Vinçotte Bio-Based 4 stars, Vinçotte OK Compost and the Seedling Qualification for products made of compostable materials (Edition 2012-04), including EN 13432 (09-2000).


Our PLA BIO-SLEEVES are produced out of renewable resources and offer degradability and compostability, coupled with a lower CO2 footprint whilst securing excellent characteristics such as transparency, seal strength and printability.

The world’s resources are depleting fast. Fossil fuels are exhaustible and due to the rapid growth of the world population, these will not be sustainable in the future. The quality and price of bio-based products will evolve in the coming time, independent of the petrochemical industry and supported by politics and legislation.

MEDIANE takes these developments as well as it’s own responsibility seriously and wishes to contribute to the use of renewable packaging sleeves.

We sincerely believe that 'our future depends of what we do in the present'.




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