MEDIANE Flexible Packaging Solutions
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MEDIANE Flexible Packaging Solutions
We are working on upgrading our website.


The market for sleeves for Potted Plants is competitive with lots of imports from Asia, sold through agents and distributors.

Mediane therefore concentrates on the most  common sleeves sizes and shapes like for instance for Poinsettia, Kalanchoë, Calandiva, Chrysanthemum, Hortensia etc.

We offer the advantage of quick delivery times, quick response when it come to (re) designing your product presentation and production in the EU.

Needless to say that when sustainability is an issue for your company, a packaging sleeve produced around the corner,  is definitely more sustainable.

For those growers who see the advantage of local ‘just in time supply’ vs. purchasing larger volumes, we will gladly provide our most competitive prices for sleeves printed in our High-Definition Flexo.


Potted Plants

Mediane offers conical shaped sleeves for Potted Plants, printed in High Definition Flexo.

Our specialty is in sleeves for plants such as Poinsettia, Kalanchoë, Calandiva, Chrysanthemum, Hortensia, or similar plant types.


Automated Packaging

To serve those growers working with automated packaging lines, Mediane has modified its sleeve converting lines.

We have amongst other, installed  special titanium perforation tools which guarantee a consistent perforation.


Stick-In Labels

Mediane supplies a variety of Stick-In Plant labels, printed in High Quality offset, using UV inks, varnish and coating, securing the freshness of the printing at all times.

We offer you free access to Europe’s largest database of High Resolution pictures of plants, flowers and vegetables.